Survey software tutorials & learning resources

Many resources to help learn our survey softwre StatPac survey software is a big package. There are so many features that learning the software can seem monumental. It doesn't have to be. This page contains helpful tips and links to a variety of tutorials and learning resources.


The best time to learn our survey software is when you're not under pressure to quickly finish a job. Don't wait until "crunch time" to try to master the package. It can be done, but you'll have a much more enjoyable experience if you have time to experiment and play with StatPac's features.


The StatPac survey software demo is not a slide show. It's exactly the same as the full package. When you run it you won't see a flashy marketing video trying to wow you into thinking how spectacular it is. You'll be working with the actual package. That's the only way for you to know whether it's the right survey software for you.


We suggest the following:


  1. Watch the video tutorials or go through the quick-start written tutorial for a general overview (30 minutes).
  2. A short sample survey is created in the data folder when you install the software. Try experimenting with this survey. View the codebook, create an Internet survey, and run some analysis procedures. Don't worry too much about details. You're just trying to get a feel for the different windows and the basic operation of the program. (1-2 hours)
  3. Depending on comfortable you feel, you can either begin creating your own survey, or you might want to  go though the full tutorial.
  4. Most of all. Don't let yourself get frustrated. If you have a question, don't hesitate to call or email us. That's why we're here.

Video tutorials for our survey software

The video tutorials are the best way to get an overview of our survey software. The first video is a complete overview, while the second focuses on the codebook, which is the starting point for all surveys. Video tutorials are the best way to get an overview of our survey software.

StatPac survey software overview  (20 min.)

Codebook design  (15 min.)

Written tutorials for our survey software

Survey software quick start tutorial

We have two written tutorials. The quick-start tutorial covers the basics and will give you a solid overview of our survey software. The full tutorial goes into considerably more detail and focuses more on the "how to" aspects of the software.

Quick-start tutorial  (30 minutes)

Full tutorial  (2 hours)

Comprehensive survey software user's guide

The user's guide is 450 pages and covers all the features of our survey software. We don't recommend this as a starting place unless you're a "techie" and very brave. There's just too much detail for someone starting out with the package. After you have a feel for the software, it will become an invaluable resource. Survey software user's guide

View the survey software user's guide online

Download the user's guide