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features in our online survey software program Are you looking for an online survey software program for your company or organization?  Have you identified the most important features you're looking for?


Here's what most inquirers tell us they want in an online survey software package:



Yes, StatPac does all of that. But there's so much more.  (view brochure)

What's really important when selecting your online survey software package?

We do a lot of surveys for companies that don't want to do them in-house. In that respect, we're just like you. We need a software package that let's us quickly build and modify a survey, as well as one with great reporting capabilities. Important questions to ask about online survey software


There are two questions you should be asking when inquiring about any software feature: "How easily can I ..." and "How quickly can I ...".  All online survey software can perform the basic function of creating a Web survey. The thing that distinguishes the packages from each other is the not so much their functionality, but rather the speed and ease at which you can accomplish any given task. For example, all survey software lets you design a survey. With some, you'll have to type every question into the system. With others (like StatPac), you can use a MS Word document as the foundation. Which would you prefer, one that takes several hours to create a survey or one that takes 15 minutes? You won't see this difference by looking at a spec sheet. The only way to find this out is to try the software and learn it well enough to understand it's benefits and shortcomings.

Benefits of StatPac online survey software


Fantasy versus reality

Occasionally we receive a request from an organization that wants all of their employees to be able to create, deploy, and analyze surveys. If this is your goal, then StatPac is not the right software for your organization. You should be looking for a very simplistic survey software package that everyone can use... not a "power-house". Some high-end automobiles have too much power for the novice driver. StatPac has too much power for the novice user. Organizations that use our package generally have a few "StatPac specialists", and they're the ones who actually work with the software.


Designing good Web surveys is a skill that needs to be mastered, and you won't become a good survey designer until you've done many surveys. Most StatPac users already have experience designing surveys when they begin using the software. They didn't purchase the software to try to learn about surveys. They purchased the software as a tool to help them utilize their skills most efficiently.


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