Online survey software that's packed with features and capabilities

Online survey software loaded with features and capabilities StatPac online survey software has an abundance of features and capabilities. This page summarizes many of the features. It is not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of how comprehensive the package is. For more information, see the online survey software overview, or examples of online survey questions, or the online surveys section of the User's Guide.



Fonts and colors

Password protected surveys

Popup windows and help windows


Headers and footers

Web objects & validity checks

(see examples of Web survey objects)

Email invitations

(read more about sending email invitations with mailmerge)


Survey analysis and reporting

StatPac does a great job with Web surveys and you'll like it's features. But the real power in StatPac survey software doesn't reveal itself until after the survey is closed. The whole point of having survey software is to generate clear and understandable statistical reports of the data... and that's where StatPac stands far above it's competitors. survey software to create clear and understandable statistical reports

(data analysis and statistical reporting capabilities in our survey software)