How to invite people to participate in a Web survey

Send email invitaiton from your own computer Internet surveys are initiated by sending potential respondents an email invitation asking them to participate and providing them with a link they can click on to take the survey online.


Your regular email program does not have the functionality to properly send invitations to a large list of email addresses. For a very short list, your regular email program might work, but it's much easier to use a commercial program designed for performing these kind of mailings.

Bulk email with "mailmerge" capabilities

There are numerous commercial programs available for sending bulk email, but you won't need one because StatPac online survey software already has outstanding bulk email functionality with mailmerge capabilities. Mailmerge means that the program can personalize the emails using field substitution while they are being sent.  (e.g., the greeting could be "Hello John," instead of just "Hello"). This capability is especially important because it lets you serialize the emails with an ID number in order to track who responded and who didn't. 


The emails can be plain text or HTML and include graphics and attachments. The email body text can be created and edited using Notepad or Microsoft Word.


Our bulk email software lets you specify the sending name and email to what you want. For example, if you have created an online survey for a client, you can make the email invitation appear to come from your client instead of from you.

Security and control of your email lists

Send email invitations using your own SMTP email server (the same as your regular email program). You're not dependent on any other company to manage or send emails to your lists. Your email lists are secure because you never release them to anyone else.

Email list manager

Our online survey software also has an email list manager. Most companies use Excel to store their email lists. This is a great way to keep your master lists, but Excel doesn't have the ability to handle the requirements of a mass mailing. 


StatPac online survey software has a complete set of programs to help you handle your email lists.


Outstanding email list management capabilities


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