The learning curve

Allow sufficient time to learn our survey software

StatPac will outperform every other survey software package if you have: 1) sufficient time to learn to use it, and 2) you use it enough to maintain familiarity.


Over the past 35 years we’ve realized that the learning curve for StatPac is longer than most other survey software. It’s not more difficult, but there are so many features that it takes longer to learn. No matter what any survey software company tells you, a package with more features has a longer learning curve. That’s just common sense.


Do you remember the first time you used a word-processor? Some things were intuitive but it took time to get exactly the look you wanted. StatPac is the same way. Some of the more basic features are intuitive. You’ll be able to do a simple survey without much effort. But if you want more advanced features like branching, rotations, and complex banner tables, there’s a learning curve.


StatPac survey software is not cost effective for a one-time survey. The time to learn the software offsets any savings. That's why we discourage some people from purchasing our survey software. If you need to do a one-time Web survey and don't have time to learn a full-featured package, we suggest the Web Poll Survey Software Tool.


We only recommend StatPac to researchers who do surveys on a regular basis. It's cost effective for them to take the time to learn the software well. For a professional research analyst doing many surveys, StatPac will become as comfortable as using their word processor.

A marketing idea we rejected

Some people have told us that we should "dumb-down" our survey software. That would make it easier and faster to learn. We really thought hard about doing it because it would probably increase sales, but there were two big negatives. menus would only slow you down


First, "dumbing-down" the software would diminish StatPac's capabilities. There is no simple or convenient way to make multiple sets of nested "OR" and "AND" statements part of a menu selection system. For example, imagine how many menu selections it would take to create a statement like this:



Second, it would slow users down after they had mastered the software. During the learning phase, selecting options from long lists of drop-down menus is pretty easy. However, after you've learned the software, it's much faster to type FR than it is to use a dropdown menu with 25 choices and select the word Frequencies. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up when you have a 300 question survey.


Most users only need to learn a dozen or so StatPac commands. And the commands are pretty easy to memorize (FR for frequencies, DE for descriptive statistics, BA for banners).  Fact is, once you've learned the basic StatPac commands, it's easier and much faster to just type them.


(see a full list of our survey software analysis commands)

Our niche is companies that regularly conduct surveys

small to medium sized businesses (consultants, PR agencies, advertising agencies, marketing departments) who regularly conduct surveys

One of the most important concepts in marketing is to clearly identify your market and focus your advertising campaign exclusively on those people. StatPac Inc. has done that. Our market is well-defined: small to medium sized businesses (consultants, PR agencies, advertising agencies, marketing departments) who regularly conduct surveys and don’t have the budget to hire an external research firm.


We don't want to sell our survey software to users who will get frustrated. It's uncomfortable for them, bad for our reputation, and difficult for our technical support department. If you're looking for a quick one-time survey solution, StatPac isn't the right software. But, if you have the time to invest and you plan to do a lot of surveys, there's no better choice. StatPac will meet your expectations and more.

How long does it take to learn StatPac survey software?

There's no best answer to this question. If you're experienced with other survey software, learning StatPac will be fairly easy because you already know the concepts... you just need to learn how to get from point A to point B. If you're experienced with surveys, but not survey software, you should plan on several days.

how long does it take to learn our survey software


Plan on an hour to read or watch the tutorial and half a day to feel comfortable enough to begin your own survey. Fortunately, once you've learned the basics, you can learn the rest as you need it. You don't have to master everything in the package before you begin using it.


There are many learning resources for our survey software. Here's where to find the videos and tutorials.


If you do surveys on a regular basis, then take the time to explore StatPac survey software.  Our demo version is identical to the full version. It's not a flashy slide show.  Use it to build your actual surveys and give it a real-life test.


(read more about StatPac survey software)