Try our survey software demo

The StatPac survey software demo is not a slide show. It doesn't contain any hype or marketing tricks. It's the real thing and is exactly the same as the software you'll purchase. The only limitation of the demo is that it handles only 35 respondents per survey.


Here's how we suggest you approach the package.

  1. Watch the video tutorials or read the written quick-start tutorial before you download the package
  2. Download and install the StatPac survey software demo
  3. Look at the Sample_Survey that was installed. Check out the codebook, use it to create an Internet survey, create a form for manual data entry, load the sample procedure file and run some analyses.
  4. Try it on one of your own surveys. Give it a real workout. Use a Microsoft Word document to create a codebook. Generate the HTML for an Internet survey. Create a data manager form and enter some test data. Run some analysis procedures. When you purchase the package you can use the survey you created, You don't have to redo anything.

Install StatPac survey software

Download the survey software Click here to download the software to your computer. After downloading, double click on the file (Install_StatPac.exe) to run the installer. Download time is less than five minutes with broadband (28 Meg). Our survey software runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.


Vista, and Windows 7/8 users must also install the Microsoft Help File Reader. Click on the appropriate link to download and install the reader.

Vista 32 bit operating system Windows 7 32 bit operating system Windows 8 32 bit operating system
Vista 64 bit operating system Windows 7 64 bit operating system Windows 8 64 bit operating system

Download the complete survey software user's guide

The user's guide is 450 pages and covers all the features of our survey software. It's not a good starting place unless you're very brave. There's just too much detail for someone new to the package. However, after you have a feel for the software, it will become an invaluable resource. The entire manual is in the Help section of the software, so you really don't need a separate copy, but if you want it, here it is. Download the survey software user's guide

View the survey software user's guide online

Download the survey software user's guide