“Powerhouse” of survey software

StatPac for Windows is a survey software package for professional researchers. It’s the “powerhouse” of survey software designed for companies that do many surveys every month. It can be used for any kind of survey… tablets, smart phones, online, paper, and interviewing. The software is integrated to provide seamless survey design, data capture and reporting.

Full software integration of survey design, data management, and analysis.

StatPac survey software was developed for companies who do surveys regularly. Consultants, PR agencies, advertising agencies, marketing departments who regularly conduct surveys will find it an invaluable tool. It’s widely accepted as the leading crosstabs & banner tables package in the world.


If you’re looking for a survey software package for a single project, stop here. StatPac is not the right survey software for you. It’s not for companies that just want to do one quick online survey. It’s not for graduate students who only need software for their thesis. It’s not for organizations that conduct one survey a year. It's for those who do surveys on a regular basis. Why we discourage some people from choosing StatPac survey software.

Online survey software

Online survey software and Web survey software. Web surveys have replaced written questionnaires as the most popular data collection method. They can be quickly created and deployed, and are very cost efficient. Mail surveys usually take a month. Online surveys can be completed in a week.


StatPac online survey software is different from most others. We provide a hosting server, but you don't need it. In fact, we encourage you to host the surveys on your own server because it looks better to respondents to have your domain (not ours) show in their browser’s URL address bar. Also, your data stays securely on your server, not ours.


StatPac creates plain HTML survey pages. This doesn’t sound important but it’s huge. It means that after StatPac generates your online survey pages, you can edit them with any HTML editor. Yes, StatPac produces great looking surveys, but you still have the ability to further customize them. And, we don’t place any StatPac branding anywhere on your survey.


StatPac's online survey software is packed with features. You can create just about any kind of Web survey. Use password logins; insert graphics, links, and popup windows, anywhere on the survey. Prevent “ballot box stuffing” with cookies or IP rejection. Select fonts and colors. Use question and response choice rotations and branching. Show page numbering and progress bars. Use radio buttons, dropdown menus, checkboxes, text boxes, and sliders to capture respondents’ answers. See examples of online survey questions.


Web surveys are usually launched by sending an email invitation to potential respondents. Our online survey software has comprehensive email list management and mailmerge capabilities. You don’t release your email list to any outside mailing service. All the invitations are sent from your own computer. Respondents can be tracked and follow-up invitations can be sent only to non-responders.


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Paper surveys & computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)

Paper mail surveys have seen a decline in recent years. The wide-spread use of the Internet has made Web surveys more prevalent. However there are still many situations where mail surveys are preferred. Some stratums in the population don’t have extensive Internet access and others Outstanding data entry helps with paper surveys, mail surveys, and computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)

are just not comfortable with the technology. Telephone interviewing is often preferred when probing is important or when the researcher feels that close-ended surveys will not capture the “flavor” of the responses. StatPac can help with both of these.


Most mail surveys are developed as Microsoft Word documents. You can use that document to create a data entry form that looks nearly identical to the survey itself. This makes it easy for a data entry person to transfer the responses from the paper survey to an electronic data file. That same data entry form can be customized for telephone interviewing by adding notes the interviewer will see.


(learn more about using the data manager for manual data entry and telephone interviewing)

Survey software analysis & reporting

Superior survey software for analysis and reporting. Whenever StatPac has been reviewed, the one thing that stands out is it's impressive data analysis capabilities. No other survey software package comes close to StatPac's extensive reporting features. Hands down, it's the standard for the survey software industry.


Batch processing is probably one of the most valuable features. Give StatPac a list of analyses to process and it will run them in order sequentially. The end result is a Microsoft Word document with page numbering and a hyperlinked table of contents. If you’re preparing a lengthy report for a client, this is the way to go.


Perform any selection or sort using commands like compute, recode, select and reject, sort, average, sum, count, weight, new, and let. Make any command conditional with powerful if… then… else logic. You have full control over page headings, titles, variable and value labeling, and footnotes. Merge, save, and write files and subfiles.


Options are used to tell the program how to perform the analysis and how to display the results. Every type of analysis has a set of options that can be selected from a menu. These include visual aspects like font size, paper orientation and margins, but they also control how analyses are performed (e.g., whether to include cumulative percents, confidence intervals, and significance testing).


StatPac covers all the basic analyses: frequencies, multiple response, open-ended response coding, crosstabs and banner tables, descriptive statistics, breakdowns, t-tests, and correlations. For users with more advanced needs, there's a complete set of multivariate analyses available.


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